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Have you ever had an argument with your spouse, and it just made the whole day turn out bad? Do you wonder why guys can't be real and keep it 100% with you or fellas do you wonder why some women engage in drama?


Relationships affect you in a lot of ways. And because they carry such heavy weight on your life, I want to help out in this area. I’ve devoted entire chapters to addressing these issues in my book. To get an in-depth guide to navigating relationships, check out my book, The Truth: Keeping it 100, The Blueprint to Relationships. Click here to get the book!




 Relationships affect everyone. If you have an argument or disagreement with a spouse or partner, it could cause you to have a bad day. And when you have a truly special moment, you could feel like you're on cloud nine all day!


I'm dedicated to helping you build those quality relationships. That's why I've written an eBook to give you 3 quick wins! If you're interested, get the free eBook here: Click here to get the book! 


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Allow me to help transform the way you think about and approach relationships, strengthen your marriage (if married), and revolutionize your dating tactics (if you're single)!


I am a Relationship and Life Coach, Blogger, and Motivational Speaker


I help people learn to build strong families and cultures so they can have healthy, meaningful relationships and excel in every area of their lives. This requires us to build & become proficient in 7 different areas. Which one do you need help in?




 You Can Win in Relationships and in Life by following a guide, a blueprint with simple solutions to help you navigate.



Most people have great intentions to be happy, and to make things work out in their life, their work, their love and their relationships. You are strong and intelligent, and you want to reach your greatest potential. You want to impact the lives of those you love, and the world around you.


Doesn't it seem like life always throws you curves and challenges just as you're making progress? I know the feeling. I've been there.




Does this sound like something you are dealing with?


Do you ever ask yourself these questions?


Is this You?




When was the last time you had a hearty laugh with your partner?


When did you last go on a date?


How is your relationship with your children?


How are things with your spouse?


Are you fulfilled? Is your spouse fulfilled?


Do you wish you had a coach to guide you along the way?


If so, you're not alone. All of us have felt this way.




I know how you feel. I've been where you are.


That's why I've devoted entire chapters to each of these 7 areas in my new book.




 I've travelled down dead-end roads, dead-end relationships, and I too struggled with the challenges relationships can bring. I know how it feels to juggle life, work, passion, desire, ambition and a relationship.




I realized I was stuck believing in the same 50/50 myth that everyone else was: The myth if you give 50/50 in a relationship, it will work. No, in fact you need to give "100" in every thing you do. You have to give "100" in love, in life, at work and, yes, definitely in relationships.


Once I figured this out, I was able to find the balance, joy, courage, determination, and freedom I craved in my life, and in my relationship.


I'm here to debunk the 50/50 myth and lead people to joyous, solid relationships.




 You can win in Relationships. Life can be enjoyed. We just need to follow a plan. And I'm devoted to helping you with that plan. That's one reason I have a Free 4-Part Video Series for you! 


 Today, I blog, I podcast, and I write. I write for you. My podcast Keep it 100 can be downloaded anytime or you can listen to it right from my website. I am also the founder of Empower "100" University, where I host online courses, and I help people build solid relationships by following these 7 "building blocks" of love. I teach people how to Keep it 100.






Sometimes your partner just doesn’t understand you. Maybe they don’t know how to communicate with you. Maybe you want to win in relationships but you need a little help to put that flame back in your relationship, or maybe you’re looking for a quality person to start a relationship with. If you want to learn how to do that, no matter where you are in your relationship journey, I have the answer for you.


 The first is to go check out the tactics in my book, The Truth: Keeping it 100, The Blueprint to Relationships. After you buy the book, you can take it a step further and go through my Relationship Resolutions Signature Course: Click here for more information.


If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked or you need some key winning tactics, you need my book. Even if things are going great it’s going to shore up your relationship to make it even stronger. Then you can enroll in my Relationship Resolutions Signature Course. 


To sign up for the 4-part video series Building the Foundation, go here: Join Foundations.


To check out the workbook to skim over what this 3-part series is about, you can download it here:





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