Mario Rivers


Mario Rivers

 Have you ever been lied to? Cheated on? Manipulated? I'm sure you have, and I have as well. I'd like to equip you with the knowledge and tools to experience great relationships and life at it's greatest. I'm going to help you solve issues in your life, love and relationships. I've traveled the world and collected data and done research to bring you the solutions to some of the most frequently asked questions about relationships and life. Can guys be real and honest? Can people truly be content with one person? I answer this and more in the book.


While serving in my country's United States Navy since 1999, and working in the oil and gas industry for several years, I've traveled the world asking questions you would ask of people from many different cultures about how to be the best spouse and worker, and achieve your greatest potential.


Becoming a Husband and father to two boys and a stepdaughter also gave me a unique perspective on how I can best help you experience great relationships with your family, and how to build a great family culture. We aren't perfect, but we all have areas that we can really focus on, and I want to be your guide. 


This is what caused me to author my first book, The Truth: Keeping It 100, The Blueprint to Relationships.  I want to help you excel in every area. To tell you a little more about me, I also play the piano, produce music, design my own graphics, write songs and engineer several music projects. Building businesses in these areas and utterly failing, then learning how to attain some success, has taught me valuable lessons that I'd like to teach and share with you, so you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully avoid the same pitfalls. It's a pleasure to serve you and thanks for even taking the time to read a little about how I can serve you on your journey to greatness.



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