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Episode 3- 7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Person

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Mario Rivers



This episode is about making the right choices with the people we choose. Often our current circumstances are results of choices we made in the past, whether good or bad. I want to help by setting a pre-emptive strike on these choices. I include 7 tips to help you choose the right person and avoid wasting your valuable time. Here are the 7 tips we go over.

  • Tip 1- Recognize a man is still a man, and we make mistakes.
  • Tip 2- Make Sure you aren't in the friend zone
  • Tip 3- Don't let good sex confuse your heart and make you believe you're in love
  • Tip 4- Make him wait
  • Tip 5- Don't choose a person out of desperation
  • Tip 6- Don't compare your relationship to others
  • Tip 7- Have the courage to walk away


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